The Construction of the Endless Column

The Endless Column of Targu Jiu

In 1934, sculptor Constantin Brancusi was asked to erect a memorial to honour the heroic deeds of Gorj people and especially the resistance of the Târgu-Jiu townsfolk during World War I. He had always wished to do something for his native Romania and he willingly accepted the commission, which he felt to be the climax […]

Historical survey of the erection of the “Endless Column”

Sculptor Constantin Brancusi erected the monumental ensemble of Târgu-Jiu in 1937-1938, to honour the memory of Gorj heroes, killed in action during the First World War. His long-nurtured dream of creating a large-scale public work was materialized in “the only sculpture of the modern era that will bear comparison with the great monuments of Egypt, […]


ALDEA ION, foreman, Metal Structures ANASTASIU GHEORGHE, assistant foreman, Foundry AURNAIER IOSIF, assembling fitter BELTEKI IOSIF, joiner BORODI VICTOR, master welder BOTH BELA, fireman, NCO BREDAN ALEXANDRU, truck driver BRICI TEODOR, worker, Foundry BUTUROAGA MARIN, worker, Foundry CAPRAR NICULAE, apprentice, Foundry CHEBEL ANTON, joiner, foreman DEMETER IOSIF, concreter ELEKES ALEXANDRU,worker, Foundation FLISEK CAROL, model carpenter, […]

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