Letters Geist – Gorjan

GORJAN TO GEIST [ Typed copy of a two-page letter sent by registered air mail to Mr Sidney Geist, 11 Bleecker Street, New York 12 NY, USA] STEFAN GEORGESCU-GORJAN Str. Galati nr. 18 Bucharest 13 (Roumania) Bucharest, the 5th of January 1965 Dear Mr. Geist, I was very sorry that I missed the opportunity of […]


Stefan Georgescu-Gorjan was born in Craiova, the chief town of the province of Oltenia, on 29 August 1905 (11 September, according to the Gregorian calendar), to the family of Ion and Stanca Georgescu-Gorjan. His father – orphaned at ten years of age – had left his native village of Godinesti (Gorj county) and had worked […]

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