Habent sua fata columnae

The monument erected under favourable stars had to face countless hardships. There followed the War, then the communist period. The sculptor became persona non grata. Long years of imprisonment were in store for Gheorghe Tatarescu, Ioan Bujoiu, Stefan Georgescu-Gorjan. In l95o the priceless archive of the Tatarescus was destroyed.The short-hand notes of engineer Gorjan jotted down in 1937 also disappeared. In the fifties, there was attempt at pulling down the Column, with a traction force of 8800 kgf. The perfect verticalness of the monument, checked up in 1937, has been altered to a slight incline, measured in 1964 and 1984 following engineer Gorjan’s request. Fully aware of the importance of preserving the monument, engineer Gorjan worked out restoration-remetallizing projects in l965-1966 and 1975-1976. He also provided a project of major revision. Thorough investigations carried out by an INCERC team in 1983-1984, based on the documents supplied by engineer Gorjan, resulted in the conclusion that the conservation condition of the Column was fine and that only periodical metallizations are needed. Constantin Brancusi died on March 16, 1957, engineer Stefan Georgescu-Gorjan on March 5, 1985. The archive documents collected by the engineer relative to the monument, his papers, lectures and interviews provide important information for research. Nevertheless, in 1996 the modules were dismantled on the verge of winter and the spine was left at the mercy of rain and snow. Endless debates followed, to find the best restoration approach. In 2000 at last, efforts were gathered to save the monument which has been defined by a UNESCO report as being ” not only a masterpiece of modern art, but also an extraordinary feat of engineering” (UNESCO, Mission to Bucharest and Târgu-Jiu in “Brâncusi”, Târgu-Jiu, IV, 2, 1998, p.9). 

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