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Endless Column restored

ALEXANDRA PARIGORIS (Published in “Sculpture” magazine, Washington DC, No 1, 2002, p. 20-23 and reproduced in this site with the kind permission of the author) It has been just over a year since restoration work was completed on Brancusi’s Endless Column in Targu Jiu , Romania. The project, which began in May 1996 when the […]

The Endless Column of Targu Jiu

In 1934, sculptor Constantin Brancusi was asked to erect a memorial to honour the heroic deeds of Gorj people and especially the resistance of the Târgu-Jiu townsfolk during World War I. He had always wished to do something for his native Romania and he willingly accepted the commission, which he felt to be the climax […]

Historical survey of the erection of the “Endless Column”

Sculptor Constantin Brancusi erected the monumental ensemble of Târgu-Jiu in 1937-1938, to honour the memory of Gorj heroes, killed in action during the First World War. His long-nurtured dream of creating a large-scale public work was materialized in “the only sculpture of the modern era that will bear comparison with the great monuments of Egypt, […]

Habent sua fata columnae

The monument erected under favourable stars had to face countless hardships. There followed the War, then the communist period. The sculptor became persona non grata. Long years of imprisonment were in store for Gheorghe Tatarescu, Ioan Bujoiu, Stefan Georgescu-Gorjan. In l95o the priceless archive of the Tatarescus was destroyed.The short-hand notes of engineer Gorjan jotted […]

Finis Coronat Opus

“It is no big deal to bend it to the ground. Yet it will be difficult to straighten it again”. These prophetic words, uttered by the character Brancusi in Mircea Eliade’s play on the Endless Column, turned out to be true during the four years elapsed between the “beheading” of the monument on September 14, […]

Letters Geist – Gorjan

GORJAN TO GEIST [ Typed copy of a two-page letter sent by registered air mail to Mr Sidney Geist, 11 Bleecker Street, New York 12 NY, USA] STEFAN GEORGESCU-GORJAN Str. Galati nr. 18 Bucharest 13 (Roumania) Bucharest, the 5th of January 1965 Dear Mr. Geist, I was very sorry that I missed the opportunity of […]


1876, February 19 / March 2 – Hobitza, Pestisani commune, Gorj county, Romania. Birth of Constantin Brancusi to the family of the well-to-do freeholder Nicolae Brancusi and Maria, born Deaconescu. 1882 Childhood spent in the native village. 1883 Escapes from home “into the wide world”. His mother brings him back from Targu-Jiu. Primary school at […]


Stefan Georgescu-Gorjan was born in Craiova, the chief town of the province of Oltenia, on 29 August 1905 (11 September, according to the Gregorian calendar), to the family of Ion and Stanca Georgescu-Gorjan. His father – orphaned at ten years of age – had left his native village of Godinesti (Gorj county) and had worked […]


The tube-like steel spine has a square cross section (side – 42 cm). It consists of three distinct stages. The lower stage is a steel box, 8.93-meter long, fabricated from angles and steel plates, welded together in the shop. The middle stage is a 10-meter steel box. The upper one is a 9.4-meter lattice work. […]


ALDEA ION, foreman, Metal Structures ANASTASIU GHEORGHE, assistant foreman, Foundry AURNAIER IOSIF, assembling fitter BELTEKI IOSIF, joiner BORODI VICTOR, master welder BOTH BELA, fireman, NCO BREDAN ALEXANDRU, truck driver BRICI TEODOR, worker, Foundry BUTUROAGA MARIN, worker, Foundry CAPRAR NICULAE, apprentice, Foundry CHEBEL ANTON, joiner, foreman DEMETER IOSIF, concreter ELEKES ALEXANDRU,worker, Foundation FLISEK CAROL, model carpenter, […]

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